US Functional provides physical performance testing and reports for patients
  • US Functional supplies all necessary testing equipment at our cost
  • US Functional supplies the certified healthcare professional to perform testing at our cost
  • Your practice schedules your patients for the testing on days that work best for you
  • Your practice decides what diagnostic tests work best for you and your practice
  • US Functional sets up customized reports that best meets the needs of you and your practice
  • US Functional provides you with a comprehensive report of your patients’  functional abilities and impairments
  • US Functional will guide you on understanding and reading our reports as well as how to use the information derived to establish medical necessity for care as well as data to support the medical decision-making process.
  • Our menu of tests is specially designed to analyze patients with musculoskeletal pain and impairments with the coefficient of variation calculations to assess the consistency of effort.
  • US Functional bills and collects independently for the testing service performed on each patient
  • You bill and collect for the face-to-face time spent with each patient going over the report

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